Magic MP offers both fully-electric and hybrid machines, ranging in size from our all-electric ME 100/D, which typically produces bottles in the 100ml size range, up to our hybrid IB-L15-30/D, shown below, a machine that can produce containers in the 15-30 liter size. Both our fully-electric and hybrid models have our electric linear transfer mechanism technology, which facilitates precise mold placement and less wear and tear on the machines. We offer XL (extended-stroke) machine versions to accommodate special molds and heads, Magic extruders and heads for view-stripe and soft-touch applications and co-extrusion, scrap and bottle conveyor belts, bottle orientation, screen changers, and in-mold labeling.

     Additionally, we work closely and have much experience with other head manufacturers to accommodate their heads on our machines, such as W. Muller.

      We also offer turnkey projects, including molds from our sister company, OMMP, and any and all types of support equipment.

      Magic MP builds and supplies machines for the cosmetic, personal care, pharmaceutical, medical, food and dairy industries.
     Magic currently has five machine series: Our EP, ME and UE-ME fully-electrics and our IB and UE hybrid machines. All our machines are offered in single and dual-station configurations.

      All-electrics offer distinct advantages to the molder.The machines consumes 40-50% less energy. They require fewer spare parts and are simpler to operate and maintain. Customers who have all-electric Magic machines never go back to hydraulic models. The EP series is our standard, and range in size from 500ml to 8 liters. Our ME series is a newer series that ranges in size from 100ml to 2-3 liters. Our ME-UE series, signifying "Ultra-Economical", is similar in design and machine range to our ME series. They were introduced for those customers who are concerned about economy.

      Our hybrid IB series of machines ranges in size from 500ml up to 15-30 liters. Our UE hybrids range in size from 500ml to 5 liters. 

     Magic will also modify a machine for your particular application.

      For more information about Magic MP, please visit our corporate website at
  Magic Hybrid IB L15-30/D