Who We Are


     Blow Mold Solutions specializes in the sale of blow molding machines, molds and ancillary equipment to the plastics industry. It is owned and operated by Bernard Graebener, President.

     Mr. Graebener has been involved in blow molding for over 28 years. He has extensive industrial experience and knowledge in single-stage injection blow molding (IBM), as well as continuous shuttle blow molding (EBM), wheel blow molding, accumulator head blow molding and stretch blow molding (SBM and ISBM), molds and ancillary equipment.

     His experience includes recommending turnkey projects and facilitating the import and export of machines and molds. He has made more than 25 million dollars in sales for Jomar Corporation and more that 12 million dollars in sales for Novapax Maschinenbau.

     We are always looking to add product lines to our company and we would welcome any such inquiries.